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antique glass soap dispenser

antique glass soap dispenser

This antique glass soap dispenser's spherical shape adds a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen or bathroom sink. For added functionality and style, it can be filled with lotion or hand soap.

With clean lines and angular corners, you can modernize the popular vintage elements like the matte black metal base and the frosted glass bottle. For a sturdy and appealing design, the slim circular brace is fixed to the soap bottle by the round circular wall mount plate.


Glass is a fantastic material for soap dispensers in the vintage style. It is strong, recyclable, and green. These containers also come in a variety of designs, making it simple to match them with other kitchen or bathroom accessories.

The Vintage Hobnail Glass Soap Dispenser gives your sink side in the bathroom or kitchen a charming look. It has a glass base with a rounded shape and a metallic dispenser that holds a sizable 17.5 oz of your preferred lotion or liquid hand soap.

This vintage amber foaming soap dispenser is natural and safe to fill with a variety of room-temperature daily use liquids because it is made of thickened High-Quality Glass. The durable pump is anti-fingerprint and made of premium 304 stainless steel, which can maintain long-lasting brightness and resist easy rust or corrosion. In addition to other personal care products, it can be used to make liquid soap, dish soap, lotion, blends of essential oils for aromatherapy, shampoo, body wash, and hand soap. This soap dispenser can be used as a decorative item on any countertop, in the kitchen, bathroom, or office.

  • Brass


    Brass amber glass soap dispenser are a great way to give your bathroom a classy feel. These chic bottles come in a range of finishes, so you can pick the one that goes best with your home's style.

    So that you can quickly get ready, a good soap dispenser will assist in keeping your sink area neat and organized. They are a great option for bathrooms and kitchens because they can also be used to dispense lotion or hand sanitizer.

    A ribbed glass bottle with a brass pump is the centerpiece of this vintage glass soap dispenser. It complements a rustic or farmhouse-style bathroom perfectly, but it also looks good in any modern house. 16 ounces of liquid hand soap or lotion are generously contained in the clear glass bottle. The brass lid is the best feature because it adds a lovely metal accent to your room and makes dispensing soap quick and simple. To make your morning routine as efficient as possible, it's a good idea to look for a dispenser that includes a matching brush holder.

  • Metal


    Any kitchen or bathroom will never go out of style with a vintage amber glass foaming soap dispenser. It will go well with traditional, country, and modern decor styles thanks to its sharp corners and clean lines.

    These vintage glass soap dispensers can dispense liquid soap, lotion, hand sanitizers, and more and are simple to clean. They are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

    The chrome base of this wall-mounted soap dispenser has a thin, circular brace that wraps around the conventional cylindrical soap bottle. The wall mount's frosted glass and tarnished brass are contrasted with the straight, skinny soap nozzle as a stylish yet understated accent.

    For country, vintage, and contemporary bathrooms, this asymmetrical antique bronze metal pump and a straightforward blue glass caddy with a lovely woven pattern are the ideal complements. With the caddy acting as a sponge storage area and the soap dispenser delivering fresh liquid soap right into your sink, it is a useful and practical combination.

  • Finish


    You can choose from a shiny chrome base to a matte black metal finish to make your soap dispenser a fashionable focal point in your bathroom. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on the most up-to-date stainless steel, choose a frosty glass dispenser with a touch of class or amber glass dispenser bottle.

    The 16 oz. bottle in this vintage glass soap dispenser is clear and shiny and holds your preferred hand soap. Additionally, it has a premium pump made of rust-resistant stainless steel. Its ease of cleaning is its best feature.

    These sleek and sophisticated dispensers come in a range of colors, including clear, smokey grey, and jewel-toned green, and are built to last thanks to their sturdy construction. They can be bought separately or as part of a set that includes a matching ceramic tray in the same material. They're the ideal way to add some style to your sink.

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