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Hot Work Process Of Glass Bottle Production

January 07,2022

In the deep processing of glass bottles in addition to cold work, glass bottle factories are more commonly used in the hot work, that is, in the melting point (1450 degrees) and Xu cooling point (450 degrees) between the production method.

The press method injects molten hot glass paste into the engraved pattern mold and presses it into a block while the pattern is also pressed. 

Sand casting presses the model into the sand at a moderate depth and sprays wet acetylene to avoid crumbling of the sand mold, and then removes the glass paste into the sand mold after the glass has cooled slightly and then grinds and processes it. One of the earliest techniques used to make glass windows was to mix clay and horse manure to make a core wrapped in a metal rod and then dipped in hot glass paste to become the main body of the container, wrapped in glass wire to outline the pattern, and then dug out the core after cooling.

Torch thermoplastic is heated by a small gun or torch and is also known as torch thermoplastic, using only boron glass or soda glass colored rods of various colors, which are continuously combined into shapes by elongation, twisting, and winding techniques, suitable for small and delicate expressions, such as glass beads, animals, and plants. The glass rods used are divided into solid, hollow, and drawn thermoplastic, and can also be painted to increase the interest of the work.

After wrapping the wax mold with refractory plaster, the glass material and the empty mold are put into the furnace and heated at the same time. The powder casting method will be filled with glass blocks and glass powder into the pre-designed model, put into the furnace to heat up, and melt into the whole glasswork.

Finally, there is a common production process of glass bottle factories that we are not unfamiliar with – blowing. The blowing system originated in the Roman Empire in A.D. and is still the most important, widely used, and most varied production method in glass technology. The process of blowing is to take molten glass paste with a blowpipe, blow to form small bubbles, then use tools to heart-shape the shape, then take a small amount of glass with another blowpipe for bridging and bottoming action, and knock down the work to cool.