New channel exposition and 2020 hangzhou electricity web celebrity choose products are the G20 international expo center in hangzhou, fair to “let the enterprise highly effective docking new channels, to build the national TOP live electricity industry chain platform” as the theme, the default 1800 international standard booths, exhibition area of 36000 square meters, will be new channels, new business, new culture, new retail and consumer, further perfect the exhibition all electricity industry chain.

2020 an nce hangzhou exhibition in 1000 + factory brand exhibition, 28 solo exhibition springtime delights shows: meal kitchen utensils and appliances, small appliances, stationery, daily-use ceramics, cup pot, razor, glassware, yanju, plastic products, clothing, live products, bamboo products, electronic products, knives, beauty industry, food, cosmetic, toy, home textile, : child, umbrella industry, towels, household shoes, handicrafts, sports goods, cases, bags, household gifts, disposable supplies, such as precision to meet customer demand, high cost performance products, one-stop source field joint factory.

Among them, more than 30 glassware exhibitors participated in the exhibition, displaying most of the best-selling products popular in The Chinese market and online stores, such as hammer grain glass, high borosilicate glass glass, glass kettle and other series of products. Handmade products with different glass colors are also popular among consumers.


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