450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid
450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid
450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid
450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid
450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid
450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid

450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid

      Wholesale glass water bottles, well packaged and neatly, ensuring that the glass does not break during transportation. Dishwasher safe. The high quality of these glass water bottles, various protective sleeves, cap options, different capacities and shapes available can be customized with different packaging combinations and the designs can be combined.

      Keywords:water bottle, glass water bottle

      Scope of application:outdoor, home

      Customers:Looking for supermarkets, suppliers, wholesalers, dealers, one-stop service from production to sales.

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Product Description
Product Name
450ml for Hot Cold Tea Glass Water Bottle with Handle Lid and bamboo lid silicone sleeve bottle

soda lime glass/high borocilicate glass

As picture and can custom

Laser engraving ,silk-screen printing, 3D printing
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*New creative eco-friendly custom logo 450ml custom bamboo lid glass drinking water bottle.

Borosilicate Glass bamboo lid silicone sleeve bottle.This glass water bottle can be used to fill many kinds of liquids, such as cold / hot water, milk and beverages etc.

 Colorful protective silicone sleeves provide a no-slip grip and make the glass perfect for outdoor use.

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Cooperative Partner

The ONE-STOP Home Supply Purchase Center Of China

Changsha Kotto Glass Industrial Co.Ltdwas established in 2003 and Is a professional supplier of household glassware in China. We engagedin all kinds of Daily-using Glassware and HomeDeco Glass, including vase, ashtray, bowl, plate, cup, mug, candy jar, candlestick, Bath set, etc.

With more than20 years of foreign trade experience, wehave formeda matureandefficient purchasing team,excellent sales groupandable toprovide the best serviceto customers. And also have professional design team who can offering innovative and fashinable designs, There is Qual-ty department who is responsible for quality inspection and ensure that allproducts are strictly inspected before delivery.

The most important thingIs that we maintain a strong cooperative relationship with more than 150 glass factories in China. And witha large warehouse of more than 2, 000 square meters,most popular glass productscanbe delivered quicklyfrom our warehouse Our strategy is to offer a hign efficient one-stop supplying service and create a win-win future with all over the world's retailers and gift merchants.



How are glassware made


Glassware made of quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda, boric acid, and so on, after the need to mix the raw materials through high temperature processing.


Raw glass is heated in a melting furnace to form a liquid glass.


There are two ways of forming, one is blown, one is mechanical pressed .

There are manual and mechanical blow - made two ways. During artificial molding, hold a blow pipe and pick up materials from the crucible or the inlet of the tank kiln, blow the material into the shape of the vessel in the iron mold or wooden mold. Smooth round products with rotary blowing; Products with convex and concave patterns or non-circular shapes on the surface are blown by static blowing method. A colorless material is first blown into a bubble, and then a bubble with color material or turbidized material blown into a shape is called sleeve blowing. With the color of easy to melt grain on the opacity sleeve material, all kinds of natural melting flow, can be blown into natural containers; Stained with ribbon emulsion on the color material, can be blown into drawing utensils. Mechanical molding is used for blowing bulk products. After receiving the material, the blowing machine automatically closes the iron mold and blows it into the shape of the vessel. After stripping, the cap mouth is removed to form the vessel. Also can use pressure - blow molding, the first material into a bubble (prototype), and then continue to blow into the shape. It is more efficient and of better quality than simply using a blowing machine.

During the manual pressing molding, the manual material picking is cut into the iron mold, driving the punch, pressing into the shape of the tool, setting and setting, and then stripping. Mechanical forming automatic production, large batch, high efficiency. Press molding is suitable for exit punch mouth big bottom small utensil-like products, such as cup, plate, ashtray, etc.


After the glass is made, it needs to be annealed, because the glass is subjected to the change of temperature during the forming process, leaving a thermal stress in the glass, which will reduce the stability of the glass. In order to eliminate the thermal stress, glassware needs to be annealed after forming. Annealing is to maintain the value within a certain temperature. The allowable value is reached. So in order to enhance some of the strength of glass products, will also be tempered, such as we commonly used tempered glass.


After finishing the processing, the glasses entered the quality inspection. All the products shall go through visual inspection and manual inspection one by one, and then be placed on the clapboard, reversed on the platform, and held in the hand for careful observation. After some inspection, some cups that fail to reach the standard will be eliminated in this link and will no longer enter the final product line.


To pack the qualified products safely.


The packaged product is stored in the warehouse and ready to be traded.


Product Process case

Machine blown process

Hand blown process

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